AGM 2023

With our AGM held at Henry Sports club on the 1st April, I am pleased to announce our committee members for 2023/24.

President – Claudine Te Ahuru-Kostic
Treasurer – Melanie Slater
Vice President Seniors – Aaron Leggatt
Vice President Juniors – Jame Steele Harland
Secretary – Aaron De Vries
Registrar – Stephanie Steele
Head Groundsman – David Greene
Canteen Manager- Rhiannon Fullam
Development Officer – Shaun Bowen
Gear Manager – Ben Kostic
Promotions & Sponsorship Coordinator – Joel Berg
Events Coordinator – Kasey and Rhiannon Fullam
Women’s State League delegate – Claudine Te Ahuru-Kostic
GWBA Delegate – Shaun Bowen
Sydney Metro Delegate – Claudine Te Ahuru-Kostic
General Committee:
Cameron Fazel
Jarod Simonetta

I would like to thank all committee members for stepping into their roles. Your passion to help our club grow will only create more passionate people such as yourselves.
For our previous members, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our club. As you know being a voluntary role meant weekends of running the canteen, maintaining the fields, organising competitions for all player’s, setting up of events, coaching and training, coordination with parents and other clubs, ensuring health and safety of all our members, organising uniforms and equipment and thats just some areas.

Our roles can be very thankless but know this, somewhere you have placed a smile on a child’s face because you made it possible for them to join a team and play, you gave our ladies opportunities to unite and grow with providing passionate coaches and you provided food, assistance and a ground to play for our seniors.

Let’s keep the passion for our club alive.

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