Life Members

Life membership is the highest honour a club member of Penrith Baseball Club Inc can achieve.
The procedure for nominating a club member for life membership is outlined in the Penrith Baseball Club constitution. For a club member to be considered for life membership they must meet all the criteria outlined in the Penrith Baseball Club constitution.

Although the objectives of Penrith Baseball Club tend to suggest it is one that is concerned solely with the future and development of its young players, it also celebrates the achievements of those who have built the Club to its current level. For many of these people, baseball had become a way of life, and we are increasingly thankful for their efforts. These members have been recognised for their long-term commitment to Penrith Baseball Club and have been awarded this acknowledgment according to the criteria set forth in the Constitution.

The Life Members of Penrith Baseball Club, in chronological order are:

John DEWBERY – 1986

Having the privilege of being Penrith Baseball’s first Life-Member, John Dewerry played an integral role in establishing the Club in 1968. Due to such a long history John has understandably filled most positions upon the committee, including: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Groundsman and Gear Steward. Playing for over 26 years, John’s highest level played was A Grade.

John’s Life-Membership was nominated by Bill Want, and he recalls fond memories creating Penrith Baseball Club from a School-based organisation to gaining independence and sponsorship from Penrith Leagues Club. Even the controversies and problems that occurred are still entertaining tales told by John, and he is still very much interested in the sport and Club.

Simon BRYAN – 1988

Being involved in the Club since the beginning (and before) around 1967, Simon played for over 30 years reaching B Grade at his highest level. During this involvement Simon also held the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Member, and Cumberland Delegate. Although unsure of whom the nomination was by, Simon knows that he received this honour the same year as Ron Kelly.

Simon’s memories include playing on real cow paddocks at Jamison Park, and all his ‘Homers’ (that is, both of them), and never winning a Premiership!!! He became heavily involved with the Penrith Panthers Junior Baseball Club when all three of his children played (and one is now even listed below – Suzie). Reluctantly, Simon was forced to retire when, “I still could not walk properly on Tuesday having played on Saturday,” and moved to Hornsby.

Ron KELLY – 1988

Joining the Club in 1971, Ron Kelly has had more than 20 experience on and off the field. His highest grading was in the “A Reserves” under the Cumberland Baseball Association. During his time when he was closely involved in the running of the Club, Ron was a ‘Committee Man’ serving in the offices of President, Treasurer, and Social Secretary, whilst also coaching both seniors and juniors.

Some of his greatest memories of the Club include creating the Junior Baseball Club, starting summer baseball at Penrith and liaising with Council regarding the relocating of the Club to Andrews Road, following its prior movements from Jamison Park to Howell Oval. As well as this, Ron has enjoyed watching the Club grow from 2 teams to its current level and administration.

Di KELLY – 1989

Di Kelly served for many years on the executive, predominantly as the club secretary and volunteered in various roles on the committee whilst also being involved as an official at club games.

Warren DEWBERY – 1989

Warren Dewbery started at the club in 1974, playing C Grade as a 12 year old. Warren played with the club for over 25 years with Coaching and playing at 1st grade level. He was involved in moving the club from Jamison Park to Howell Oval prior to the movement to Andrews Road. Warren was a long term member on the Executive Committee primarily as the Club Treasurer.

Eddie WARD – 1991
Boyden and Val FIL – 1993

Joining the Club in 1980, Boyden Fil has had more than 10 years of experience on and off the field. His highest grading was “C Grade” under the Cumberland Baseball Association. Boyden often found himself upon the Committee as either Social Secretary, Treasurer or Vice President.

One of his favourite memories occurred the Andrews Road Baseball Complex was first opened and a major flood covered the Diamond 1 area before spilling onto the other side of the hill creating two large lakes. Boyden loves the game as, “It is a great team sport, especially for youngsters, as everyone gets a go (unlike cricket)”

Barry MARJORAM – 1997

Barry Marjoram was a member of the committee in various positions over many years. He coached junior sides for over ten years and coached/played at senior level. Barry was a committed clubman who helped in any area that needed assistance.

Jason WARD – 1998
Suzie BRYAN – 1999

Nomination Letter
To the Executive,

There is a person who in my mind this Club should show a lot of respect to, being with the Club literally from birth. At the age of 14, this person took on the responsibilities that some teenagers wouldn’t. The person has been a loyal supporter and has even played about 10 seasons and has been a scorer for many years. The person has been there for all the different functions that the Club has put on and the person has shown such great support for the Club that the person should have been a Life Member a long time ago.

Every time I play at home, this person has been there doing one job or another, even when it is not her job, and doing its part for the Club, that person is Suzie Bryan.

Steve FORBES – 1999

Nomination Letter
To the Executive,

I have been a player for over the last 10 years, I have seen this club move from a so-called ‘hillbilly club’ by some others, to become one that others fear.

We, this Club and the players, owe a lot to this one man. He brought AAA’s to the Club, even with a lot of disapproval from some people in the Club, and the Club was smart in taking it on as it is somewhat of a success. This man has a great knowledge of this game, and has been very loyal to the Penrith Baseball Club and has turned down any offers that come his way. With this loyalty to the Club, he has served 3 or 4 years on the Committee and has worked on the grounds and maintained the fields for many years. This man is Steven Forbes.

Steve ORR – 2001

Nomination Letter
To the Committee of Penrith Baseball Club,

It has been brought to my attention there is a member of this Club that has been with us as a coach, player and always volunteer for the Club in some way. His commitment to the Club speaks for itself. He is one of a few that will put his hand up for just about anything if it to do with helping the Club.

This guy’s history with the Club is very impressive; he has been playing high-ball with the club, has been a coach in the AA squad for years and let’s not forget the old F Troop (the team that really enjoy their baseball and beer).

That is why I nominate Steve Orr to be a Life Member of Penrith Baseball Club.

Kevin JACOBS – 2007

Nomination Letter
Dear Executive,

We wish to nominate Kevin Jacobs to receive “Life Membership” of Penrith Baseball Club.
We first met Kevin when Ben joined the Penrith Baseball club a few years ago now.

We came from the Lower Mountains Baseball Club. Since joining the Penrith Club, we have known Kevin to be most helpful in all matters pertaining to the game of baseball. We also have had the opportunity to be part of Kevin’s senior baseball teams, my son as a player, myself as the team scorer.

We have always found Kevin to be a person of high integrity who has the well being of all club members as one of his main priorities. Kevin has had extensive involvement in the junior club for the past twelve years and the senior club for the past ten years in both summer and winter seasons.

At the junior club he has been involved with both of his children’s teams since 1994/95 season as a coach, assistant coach or in an official position. He was regularly seen every Friday down at Andrews Road setting up the diamonds for the weekend’s games. Kevin has also held various positions on the Junior Executive Committee – Registrar, Secretary and has held the President position for the past six years. Kevin was nominated to be Penrith’s Club President when the Junior and the Senior Clubs joined and this position is still held by Kevin.

During this time the club has grown to the largest in the district and winning the Club Championship trophy in 2002/03 and last year 2004/05. He has received the International Year of Volunteers Federal Award from Penrith City Council in 2001 and the NSWJBL Volunteer Award in 2003 for five or more continuous year’s service at a Committee level.

Kevin’s first season with the senior club was in the 1997 Winter Competition and he has played both the winter and summer competitions since as a player and/or as a coach. Premiership sides include 1997 Div 3 Minor Premiers/Premiers Winter Competitions, 1998/99 – Div 2, Premiers Summer Competition, in 2001 Premiers Winter Competition, 2001/02 – Minor Premiers/Premiers in the Summer Competition. There have been many Grand Final appearances including Div 2 in 2003/04 Summer Competition, 2004 Winter Competition and Div 2 in 2004/05 Summer Competition. Kevin has also received the Life Member Achievement Award from Penrith Baseball.

Besides all of this involvement, he still finds time to work and care for his family.
I truly believe that Kevin is more than worthy of Life Membership of a Club he holds very close to his heart. I believe that bestowing the honor of Life Membership of Penrith Baseball Club on Kevin would, in a small way say “thank you” for all the time, effort and dedication he has shown to a club he loves. Not too many people are willing to devote the amount of time that Kevin does.

Peter GODBOLD – 2011

Nomination Letter
Dear Executive,

I wish to nominate Peter Godbold to receive “Life Membership” of Penrith Baseball Club.

I first met Peter Godbold in 1999 when my youngest son started playing tee ball in the under 7 team and Peter was coach of the under 8s. From my first encounters with Peter it was obvious that he was a man with a passion for baseball and for Penrith Baseball Club. In the 12 years I have known Peter that passion has never wavered.

Peter is a man of action and is always involved when things need to be done. In the last 12 years he has held many positions on the committee including Groundsman, Gear Steward, Development Officer and President. And while performing these committee positions Peter also coached continually for 12 consecutive years and found time to umpire as well!

The teams that Peter coached were very successful and brought many premierships to the club. Premierships aren’t easy to come by and Peter deserves the accolades that come with these achievements, but it is his contribution to the club as a whole which I believe deserves its due recognition.

Peter was a ‘fixture’ at the club working bees. When work needed to be done on the grounds, Peter was there giving up his weekend (and many Friday nights too), to get the ground in shape for summer. Peter was so passionate that one day when he saw David Bradbury (who was then the Mayor) at Jamison Park, Peter marched straight up to him and told him about our woes with the lack of upkeep by the council. The next week council workers were at our ground!

Peter has also been the driving force behind our ‘Try Baseball’ days. His commitment to the advertising and organisation made the days very successful and brought many new baseballers to our club. In the Major League arena Peter has attracted many quality players to Penrith through his reputation as a NSW state coach and the professional contacts he established with the powerbrokers at Baseball NSW. Peter was responsible for attaining the services of NSW Institute of Sport baseball coach Barrie Sundstrom at our club’s major league trials.

Peter has brought much success and notoriety to our club, but in addition to this he is a person of high integrity and has always had the well being of all club members as a main priority. He is a man we know we can trust and we can go to with any issue or question we have about the club.

It is time to acknowledge and thank Peter for his dedication to Penrith Baseball. As a club we should be grateful that someone of his calibre has contributed so much over the last 12 years. I believe Peter Godbold deserves the honour of Life Membership of Penrith Baseball Club.

Michael EDWARDS – 2013

Nomination Letter

To the Executive of Penrith Baseball Club Incorporated,

Since joining Penrith Baseball Club Incorporated, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with this nominee while he served as a committee member and an Executive committee member.

In recent years, it was widely known that on any given day this person could be found at the Andrews Road Baseball complex working to repair and maintain the grounds and prepare them for the weekend’s games be they Juniors, Seniors, NSW Womens League or NSW State League. There has been many a week where games have only gone ahead thanks to his tireless effort to bring a diamond back to a playable level. It’s the kind of work that goes unnoticed to many in the club but they owe so much of their enjoyment playing the game to this person.

The nominee’s level of commitment to the club has seen this person awarded the Life Members award, presented to a club member by the active life members in the club, as well as the Jack Turich shield as Clubman of the year in their time at the club.

From speaking with many club members recently in regards to the nominee, it is clear that his involvement in the club has not been limited to the last few years. This nominee started with the club back in 1995 coaching junior teams for many years. His four sons all played their junior baseball at Penrith and have all grown up to represented Penrith in the NSW State Baseball League in recent years. During these earlier years he was very much a supporter of the Juniors at the club and could often be found at various games over a weekend supporting the Penrith teams. In addition to coaching, this nominee he also assisted the then groundsmen, helped out in the canteen and played Seniors baseball for the club..

In true testament to the example set by this nominee, all of his four sons have gone on to coach junior teams of their own in recent years and all have spent countless hours working at the grounds alongside their Dad and on their own too all for the betterment of the club and its members.

I have always found this person to be humble by nature, never seeking thanks or reward for the work he has done for this club over many years. While that is a credit to him as a person, I feel that it is time he receives the appropriate level of thanks he deserves.

I hereby nominate Michael Edwards for Life Membership of Penrith Baseball Club Incorporated.